WJEC B GCSE Geography

Theme 1

Variations in QoL and access to housing

Housing tenure

Quality of life

Case study 1: Access to housing in Nottingham

Access to services and changing service provision

Services 1

Services 2

Services 3

Case study 2: Access to services: Retail – Meadowhall

Case study 3: Access to leisure services in Nottingham



Case study 4: Rural to urban migration in Brazil

Planning issues in built environments

Planning 1

Planning 2

Sustainable cities1

Sustainable cities 2

Sustainable cities 3


Case study 5: Planning issue – Lambrigg Wind Farm, Cumbria

Rural change and planning issues

Rural Change

Case study 6: Conflict in the Lake District

Theme 2

Weather & Climate

Features of climate

Maritime and tropical climates

Types of rainfall

Depressions & Anticyclones

Low Pressure Hazard – Cyclones -Case study 7: Cyclone Nargis – causes, effects and responses



What are ecosystems?

The Arctic

Tropical rainforest

What key services do ecosystems perform?

Case study 8: Amazon rainforest – deforestation and management

Small case studies

Sustainable management

Costa Rica


What is desertification?

Case study 9 – desertification – causes, effects, responses

Is there a link between poverty and desertification?


Drainage basins

Channel processes – erosion, transportation, deposition

Factor affecting river discharge

Landforms of erosion and deposition

Causes of flooding

Flooding case study – 10 &11

River management


Coastal Processes

How are coastal processes affected by geology?

Beach and sand dune processes

Sea-level rises

Managing the coastline

Ceredigion Case Study

Lyme Regis Case Study

Holderness Case Study 12

Why does coastal management cause controversy?

Theme 3

Employment structures and opportunities

Employment Structures

How is employment changing?

The location of economic activities

Location of economic activities

Case Study 13 – changing location of industry – Manufacturing

Case Study 13 – changing location of industry – Tourism


Case study 14 – MNCs – Nokia and Coke

Economic activity and the environment

Case study 15 – impacts of industry on the a local environment

Damage to the environment by economic activity

Climate change

Evidence for climate change

Effects of climate change

Case study 16 – Differing views on climate change

Tackling climate change

Development & Aid

What is development?

What is the link between education and development?

Is there a link between Malaria and development?

Case study 18 – Aid in Mali and Niger

Development issues and water

Fresh water in the UK

Is water a development issue?

Case study 18 – A trans-boundary water issue


What is interdependence?


Ghana & Trade

Fair trade